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Getting Ready

These are some new layouts, I’m trying for Binh and Chi. It’s all about story telling when you put photos together. Elements include the order: is it chronological, or is there a different logic to its sequence; the contrast: how do differences among a set of photos or pages convey a message; the grouping: why should these particular photos go together or stay apart; the sizing: which photo needs more spotlight than others. As a result of these considerations, you end up with an excellent product that rekindles the feelings of reliving the actual event itself.


The Limo


The Decor

Back from Sabbatical

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a photo. Originally I embarked on the Project 365 to try something new out, though as you see I only got to Day 100 before stopping. On the bright side, I managed to experiment with new off-camera strobist lighting techniques, lots of panoramas, and some portraiture.

Now, as you’ll find below, you will see the ripened results of those new styles in play:


Steve and ATM


Baby Zoe

Baby Nikki and Nina

Victor & Stephanie

Day 100: Curiosity

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Happy Day 100!

It’s important to remind myself why I’m doing this Project 365 today. Everyone has their own reasons and motivations to undergo an experience like this, be it improving their technique, vision, or endurance. None of those were on my list of things to do so instead, I sought to share this craft with others–to get others excited about what’s possible using the power of light… lightly.

To that end, I’ve taken many people on many different adventures from rooftops to the mountaintops, even meet and greets in the streets. The world is a big place, but we can see it all little by little if we each share with each other the vision we see. Photography has been accessible for the past decade as film advanced, and is now even more accessible and easily shared across the web. But for this project, I not only wanted to share my photos, but also my company. For everything out there that I cannot see, I want someone else to see it for me. And for everything that I do see, I want others to see it with me.

It’s been a success so far and I hope this trend continues =)

This photo of Buddy looking forward concludes Pets Week, but that doesn’t mean you wont see these two pups in more pics🙂

Day 99: In Your Face

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Day 98: Sarabi

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Always inspired by Disney movies, my sister named Sara after Simba’s playmate from The Lion King, Sarabi.

See the resemblance?

Day 97: Cooling Off

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Day 96: I’m Ready!

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Just like Sarah is always ready to fetch again, I’m counting down to my Day 100 of this project!


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